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Eco mini Coolmax pocket Stay dry

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Leverantör: Eco mini

Pocket diaper

  • The diapers feature a pocket opening into which you stuff the absorbent layers (“inserts”).
  • Once stuffed, they are as easy to put on your baby as a disposable diaper. Eco Mini pocket diapers are therefore an excellent choice for Preschool, or babysitters, as there are no loose flaps to contend with, and no extra folding steps required.



  • The outer layer of the diaper is made from waterproof and breathable PUL.


Stay dry

  • The diaper is lined with a smooth Coolmax/ athletic wicking fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin.


Natural fiber

  • All Eco Mini pocket diapers come with one 4-layer bamboo/ cotton/ microfiber insert (2 layers microfiber inside 2 layers bamboo/ cotton). This combines the best of these fabrics – the fast absorption speed of the microfiber with the moisture holding capacity of the natural bamboo and cotton fibers.
  • Additional pure hemp, or pure bamboo inserts are sold separately to add super absorption for heavy wetters or nighttime use.
  • For best results, additional natural fiber inserts should be placed below the bamboo/ microfiber insert inside the pocket.
  • Because the outside layers of all our inserts are made from skin friendly natural fibers, they can be placed directly against your baby’s skin if you choose not to stuff the inserts into the pocket opening.


Grows with your baby

  • Eco Mini pocket diapers are designed to fit babies from approximately 4 kg to 16 kg.
  • Adjusting the snaps on the front of the diaper very easily customizes the size.
  • 3x4 rows of rise snaps allow for four different size settings (S/ M/ L/ XL).
  • The double row of waist- and crossover snaps allow for a great fit even on the skinniest of babies.


Alternative functionality

  • Pocket diapers are our favorite style of modern cloth diaper as they offer more options and alternative uses than any other style of diaper on the market.
  • Normal use:  Stuff pocket with a single absorbent insert.
  • Heavy use:  Stuff pocket with 2 or more inserts in materials of your choice for heavy wetters or nighttime use.
  • Swim diaper:  Use without any inserts as a swim diaper. Perfect for baby swim!
  • Potty training:  Lay insert on top of the stay-dry layer (not inside the pocket) so that your baby feels wet as they pee, and so, start becoming body-aware in preparation for potty training.


Quick dry

  • Pocket diapers dry really quickly, due to the absorbent layers (inserts) being pulled out of the pockets before laundering.



  • Adjust the rise snaps, and stuff the pocket with absorbent insert. The diaper is now ready for use.
  • Lay your baby down on the diaper as you would with a disposable, and secure around the waist making use of the available snaps.
  • Tuck the leg elastics into the “underwear line” so that the diaper sits between the legs in the same way underwear would.



  • Knock solids into toilet.
  • Pull insert out of the pocket.
  • Store in a wetbag or dry pail allowing good ventilation while you wait for laundry day.
  • Prewash: cold, on shortest cycle.
  • Main wash: hot, on longest cycle. (40 – 60C).
  • Do not wash hotter than 60C, as this will damage the elastics.
  • Do not use bleach or softeners.
  • Tumble dry on low or line dry to protect the elastics and get the most life out of your diapers.
  • Do not use bum creams or oily salves as these could impair the absorbency or moisture wicking properties of your diapers.



  • SGS certified, and safety approved for the EU.
  • Free from harmful chemicals and metals.